Needs Protection :

  1. Open your account.

  2. go to your security and logging setting.

  3. Click and Edit Tow-factor authentication.

  4. Follow the on screen instruction.

Choose one of three Security methods.

a. Tapping your security key on compatible device.

b. Logging codes from a third party authentication app.

c. Text message (SMS) codes from your mobile.

Turn On Facebook protection

  1. Click account.

  2. Click setting & Privacy , Then Click Setting.

  3. Click Security & Logging.

  4. Click get Started

  5. Click Next.

  6. Click Next (Protect benefits Screen).

  7. Facebook will scan your account and suggestions on what to fix as you turn on Facebook protect.

  8. Click fix Now and follow the on screen instructions.

  9. Finish.

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Players from all over the world playing online multiplayer games face the common issues of high ping, latencies, and lag.

Tip #1 - Check the LAN Card (PC)

dust is causing the LAN card in your system to malfunction due to which you are experiencing lag and packet loss.

Tip #2 - Graphic Settings:

Go to the graphic options of your computer and check for options that can help reduce high ping.

Tip #3 -End Background Tasks:

many cases where a computer has a lot of software running in the background , will overload the processor and decrease its performance.

Tip #4 -Check PC Requirements

you have to make sure that your PC specs are capable of running the online games that you commonly play and PC specifications that are strongly recommended.

Tip #5 - In-game Graphic Settings:

go to your in-game graphics settings. Uncheck every anti-aliasing option. We know that these boost your graphics, but they also put excess load on your computer.

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